Supreme x Oreo Cookies

This year's edible Supreme accessory has the internet going wild

Oreo x Supreme Cookies

Many things are uncertain in the world right now, but you can guarantee that people will go crazy for Supreme Oreos. During the interim period between seasons for Supreme, there were rumors of a potential collaboration between Nabisco’s cookie brand Oreo and Supreme. When the season preview was finally revealed in February, the fourth slide of the accessory category confirmed an edible product would in fact be dropping. Shortly after, images of a few packages surfaced online, along with a couple listings on eBay. The bidding reached quadruple digits, which attracted the attention of the media nationwide. Some of the listings actually sold for thousands of dollars, yet I highly doubt that those transactions were legitimate.

Similar to red velvet Oreos, the Supreme edition features two red cookie pieces and white creme filling. One side has the normal Oreo design and logo, while the other side is covered in mini stars and a Supreme box logo. In addition, the Supreme logo spans the length of the red plastic packaging and is partially covered by an image of a red cookie and the Oreo logo. The cookies were available in packs of three for $3, but customers had the option to buy as many as eight packs on the web-store.

The Oreos sold out in less than a minute or two, but were restocked throughout the following week, providing a few lucky customers with access to leftover stock. I repeatedly tried to purchase a few packs from the restocks, yet each attempt was unsuccessful. That week, the Oreos were selling for as much as $30 on eBay; however, prices have since fallen and they are now being sold for around $10-$20.

Each pack contains 1.5oz of cookie, whereas a regular pack of Double Stuff Oreos contains 15.35oz and costs $2.99. At this rate, you are paying the exact same cost for one tenth of the product, making for a poor economic investment. However, most people are not paying for the actual snack. Those who don’t resell the cookies will likely keep the packaging in mint condition and add the item to their collection. Instagram personality Eric Whiteback is not the typical Supreme collector though, and ended up opening quite a few packs for his videos. Whiteback makes an Oreo milkshake with his cookies in one clip while doing trick shots with them in another.