Supreme Bandanna Box Logos

Week 17 bears both bandanna box logo beanies and hoodies

Just when people feel as though the demand for Supreme products is dwindling, box logo week comes around. Almost every season, Supreme releases a hoodie, crewneck, or t-shirt featuring their iconic box logo, and they never fail to produce extreme amounts of hype and excitement. The brand is known to do surprise releases of commemorative box logo t-shirts, often for the opening of new store locations. During the FW17 season, Supreme released the Brooklyn Box Logo which was initially only available in the new store but was later added to the web shop in an unannounced drop. Similarly, the San Francisco Box Logo that dropped this season received both an in-store and surprise online release separate from the typical Thursday shop update. Supreme also specified the profits from both these products would benefit charitable organizations, including United for Puerto Rico and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation‘s Harm Reduction Center.

Multiple leaked images over the past few months have been building up to the hoodie release, including photos of rapper Slowthai in 3 different colorways of the sweatshirt. I personally felt as though these images were not the result of him picking up samples before the release date, yet instead planned product placement from Supreme. My hunch was confirmed this past week, when Supreme posted an official image of him in the light blue sweatshirt, revealing the box logos would be part of that week’s drop. In addition to the Bandanna Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt, the New Era Bandanna Box Logo Beanie released as well. The hats retailed for $38 and hoodies for $168. Both items were available in eight colorways, including red, black, grey, white, pink, brown, navy, and light blue. All hoodies and beanies displayed a bandanna print on the logo, white letter stitching, and were monochromatic, with the exception of the exception of the heather grey model which featured a blue logo. 

Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

The drop itself was a mess and even Supreme Community was unable to determine the sellout times for any of the items. Having both my phone and iPad ready at 10:59 am, I quickly went into the sweatshirts category and attempted to add any color or size to my cart. Each time I pressed the red ‘add to cart’ I was met with a moment of loading, followed by a glitch that showed the ‘sizes’ button yet said the color was sold out. After a minute, I was finally able to avoid this successfully add it to my cart with one small catch: there was no option to access my cart. The exact same thing occurred when I tried to purchase any of the beanies and the cart button simply disappeared. Apparently, many other people faced the same problem as me or were hit with a card decline when their order was being processed. 

Supreme Box Logo Beanie

 The sweatshirts are currently going for as much as $800, yielding nearly a 400% return on investment, whereas the beanies are selling for around $125 with only a 200% return. One thing that always surprises me is that every single color, even those unappealing to me, such as brown and yellow, will still sell for hundreds of dollars over their retail price. It is understandable that there are high resale prices considering that the supply for box logos is always low, yet it is astonishing that a rectangle with solid letters in the middle can make people pay 5 times the regular price for even the ugliest of colors.